Do You Need a Speaker for your Event?

In a world of uncertainty, leadership and teamwork capabilities have never been more crucial in business.
I’ve been doing more talks at conferences and company events this year. Here is a selection of some clips that I’ve put together.
I have two main talks:
  • Leading through uncertainty – based on the content of my book, I talk about the challenges of uncertainty, the emotional resilience required to lead through it and how human connection is the key to engaging leaders and teams in a performance-driven world
  • Inspirational speaker – I share my story of how I overcame my fear of horses and learned so much about my leadership that I trained in Leadership with horses, bought a horse, overcame many dramas including being face down in mud with concussion, being electrocuted when my horse sniffed the electric fence while I was leading her and much more. It’s a story of triumph over adversity and uncertainty.

“A confident presenter who knows their stuff and more importantly how to engage an audience”

Susan Gee

Yorkshire Water

“When Jude speaks, her audience is captivated.”

Nikki Kagan


If you’d like to help your leaders and teams be more confident and courageous in leading through uncertainty, get in touch to discuss how I can support your event.

Jude Jennison is a courageous, inspiring and astute businesswoman. A free thinker and a maverick, she’s known for her profound and life-changing leadership with horses workshops and talks. Challenging, compassionate, eccentric, surprising and ahead of the curve. She joins the dots that nobody sees.

Equally at home wearing heels in the city as she is communing with horses in a field.

Trust her to lead from the heart and soul, and your leaders and business will never be the same