Thought leadership white papers

In October 2016, Jude launched a pioneering thought leadership round table with horses. The intention was to bring together thought leaders to expand the thinking on leadership and to integrate working with horses to gain insights into the embodied experience of the concepts discussed.

The following white papers are a result of the thought leadership round tables run in collaboration with The Leadership Whisperers.

Leading through uncertainty

As we lead through uncertainty, we face new challenges and need to develop new skills as leaders.

The time for dialogue and exploring how we move forward together, embracing our differences has never been greater.

A 12 page report documents the findings of a pioneering thought leadership round table with horses.

Creating human connection in a  performance driven culture

The rapid advancement of technology has fuelled fast-paced change in business and society, leading to a high-performance culture. 

Technology and pressure have led to disconnection and emotional disengagement.

We need to restore human connection in the workplace to create better results.