Meet the horses

The team of horses who work alongside Jude

Meet the horses

 I work with a herd of horses to help senior leaders and executives align their teams to accelerate their business results. Sound crazy? It’s actually profound. The learning is fast and results in changes in leadership and team behaviours that remain long after the time spent with them.

Horses respond based on your non-verbal communication so you instantly discover your default patterns of leadership behaviour and identify where you get stuck. The horses will come with you when you provide clarity, direction and a relationships based on trust and respect. They plant their feet when you don’t. It’s the clearest, non-judgemental feedback you’ll ever receive.

Here are the Leaders by Nature equine team who work alongside Jude. For more information about how horses help you deliver your leadership, teamwork and communication skills, check out my client video testimonials.


Kalle is a 16.2 hands high 19 year old Trakehner mare and the lead mare of the herd. She is strong, powerful and intuitive and expects nothing less than your best as a leader. She teaches clients how to build a relationship based on trust and mutual respect and create action in harmony together. She sets very clear boundaries with clients as well as the rest of the herd; she commands high respect and demonstrates the balance of power and gentleness in the same breath. She’ll head butt you into next week if you disrespect her and treat you like a foal if you’re terrified.


Tiffin is a 16.3 hands high 18 year old Irish Thoroughbred gelding. He is highly sensitive and often highlights emotional and physical pain in people by nudging them with his nose. He had a difficult start in life on racing and hunting yards and prefers not to be touched. He teaches clients about the importance of trust and requires clarity and confidence in his leader. He highlights anxiety and stress in clients. Since joining the herd in 2014, he has grown in confidence and now leads the herd with Kalle.

Mr Blue

Mr Blue is a 16.1 hands high 9 year old Trakehner gelding (castrated male) who joined the team in Oct 2015. He is playful, energetic, soft and gentle. He is the class clown, loves to muck about and is therefore a popular member of the team. He loves to play with toys and will happily create a distraction for his leader or team. He requires a leader who keeps him focused on the task in hand and stays calm under pressure. He pushes the boundaries and can become silly when there is anxiety in the team. 


Gio is a 17 hands high 8 year old Trakehner gelding and the half brother of Mr Blue. He is the newest member of the herd, having joined us in June 2017. He is warm, genuine and loves to connect with people. Having never been ridden, he is the least experienced member of the team but brings wisdom beyond his years to help clients get profound learning in a gentle, non-confrontational way. He trusts people easily and engages readily with everything. He’s a big heart on legs!


Opus is a 16.1 hands high 31 year old Thoroughbred gelding and has the most life experience in the herd. Opus is formally retired from the hands on leading work due to his age but will sometimes insist on working with a specific client if he thinks he can teach them something important. I call him the MD because nothing happens on the yard without his approval! He may be grazing in the field but rest assured, he misses nothing! He can still gallop with sheer joy and rear up on his hind legs to show his displeasure.

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