It was THE most extraordinary day: it’s still with me, viscerally and emotionally. So much rich learning – and you are just wonderful: so much insight and wisdom and beautiful intuition.

Thank you again. It was unforgettable.

Lindsay Wittenberg

Executive Coach

I had the most amazing day yesterday with a fabulous group of people learning so much about myself, my leadership style and how to be even better at what I do. Jude is a master at her craft and it was soon apparent you can’t hide anything from these beautiful animals… Book in with Jude, it will be the best training and self-reflection session you’ve ever had! So much was learnt in a short space of time.
Gulshen Bano

Women’s Self Defence Instructor

It was incredibly powerful and insightful. If anyone is looking for insight into their leadership, I would wholeheartedly recommend it.
Louise Dillon

Armadillo Social

Jude Jennison has this profound knack for picking up on what is happening, asking questions and helping you to get to the crux of what is happening for you.
Taruna Chauhan

Award winning business mentor

Everyone should work with Jude and the horses. The world would be a better place.

Jane Brown


We get things done a lot quicker. People are more focused and have a greater sense of commonality of direction.

Gavin Hands

Commercial Director, The Emmport Group

I wanted to get clarity on my sales calls and increase my confidence; the horses really did deliver. Since the day, I’ve had more confidence with sales and made some amazing connections that I wouldn’t have got before. 

If you’re sceptical, just do it and you’ll be mindblown.

Rebecca Mander

Executive Coach, GuruYou Coaching

One of my teams trust each other to a greater degree.  They’ve benefited from understanding the individual drivers for each of them and aligned behind their  business goals in a much clearer way. 

You learn things about yourself that you wouldn’t learn in any other way.

John Wilson

Talent and Leadership Manager, NFU Mutual

We wanted to bring the division back into profit and 3 months later, we did it and were back in profit and made the division a real success. It’s the best course I’ve ever put my team on.

Laura Savage

Director, PeoplePlus

You get instant feedback on how you are as a leader, both what you do well and where you trip yourself up. The learning stays with you. It changes you as a leader, and for the better.

Kristy Rowlett, Wesleyan

“Unlocked a confidence”

It was amazing and impactful for everyone in our team in so many ways.  The time we spent with Jude and the horses opened our minds and unlocked a confidence that we all feel every day.

Fiona Morris

HR Lead, Cargill Meats, Europe

“Collective results”

I am now more interested in achieving collective results rather than individual success. I have more empathy now, not only with the rest of the team but with others in general.

Jorge Ribeiro

Head of IT Infrastructure, Telefonica

“Inspiring and transformative experience”

Jude saw through my ‘confident and capable’ style of leadership and invited me to lead from a much softer, deeper place.  This moment revealed my lack of trust that people would ever see me and trust me if I led in my own, inner, natural style – calmer, gentler, more spacious.  Yet it was this leadership style that was both effortless and far more captivating.  This very visceral experience alone is giving me the confidence to re-address how I lead my business and my team as it continues to evolve and grow.  In addition, I saw her identify and dissolve crucial road blocks for my coaching clients and business colleagues ……….  All together an amazingly inspiring and transformational experience for each and every one of us.  

Caroline Purkhardt

Owner, Le Lauvitel Lodge, France

“By far the best course I have been on”

By far the best course I have been on in my career to date.

I attended Jude’s one day course in August 2019 with a group of other business owners from the Natwest Accelerator Hub in Birmingham. I like to think I know myself fairly well and our business is going in the right direction but what I gained from the course in terms of personal and business development thanks to Jude was amazing.

It is now 3 weeks since I took part on the course, I have already seen my business develop in areas I wanted to develop and have seen myself grow as an individual which I directly put down to Jude. Her approach to the whole day and the attention to detail when speaking to us all is second to none.

I would fully recommend using Jude’s services as you will not regret it.

Liam Holder

Director, Urban Training Health

“Grew their skills”

I have never before experienced a situation where students of a course felt so passionately about the course and benefits it gave them. They grew their skills, their knowledge of the leadership process and their individual thought process.

Steve Murray

Head of Programme Management, Wipro

“Truly Innovative Experience”

A truly innovative leadership training that is like no other – a day in the field (literally!) with horses, working with them and learning that unlike humans, horses are the best reflectors of human nature and provide the guidance and direction and leadership development, and utterly personal to the individual.

Nick Turner

Senior Recruitment Business Partner

“Learnt so much on a personal and professional level”

Spent a day with Jude and her amazing horses in August 2019 and it was by far the best 1 day course I have ever attended. Learnt so much on a personal and professional level and came away with a much clearer sense of direction in both respects. Would highly recommend Jude and her horses to anyone who is looking for clarity in anything that they are involved in, be it business or personal.

Alex Broadbent

Director, Urban Training Health


“Audience is captivated”

When Jude speaks, her audience is captivated. I highly recommend Jude as a speaker, particularly when it comes to this field for which she has so much passion. You’ll be fortunate to have her!!!

Nikki Kagan


“A great role model”

I was moved and inspired by her philosophy of compassionate leadership. A great role model of someone who embodies what she teaches with humility and grace.

Veronica Lac


“Engaging and inspiring”

Jude’s passion for what she does is so infectious it makes working with her highly enjoyable. The feedback has been excellent. Jude has a rare ability to clearly articulate complex information, often involving paradigms of both strategic context and emotional/ behavioural content.

Vanessa Clarke

Senior Lecturer, Birmingham City Business School

“Knows her stuff”

Jude gave an interesting and inspiring presentation about her work and her new book, if you are looking for confident presenter who knows their stuff and more importantly how to engage an audience then get in touch with Jude .. you won’t be disappointed!

Susan Gee

Yorkshire Water


Loved the open-ended questions asked. Great energy and amazing show!
Will Deane

CEO Unstoppable

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