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Jude Jennison, Leaders by Nature


Jude Jennison, Leadership and team development expert

Jude works with senior leadership teams to develop non-verbal communication skills to lead through disruptive change.

She works with a herd of horses who reveal your default and unconcsious patterns of leadership behaviour.

Jude can speak on the following topics:

  • Leading through uncertainty and disruptive change
  • The intersection between technology and leadership and how to be more human
  • The leadership skills needed to recover from the pandemic
  • Team development and work relationships
  • Wellbeing as a leadership issue

I have been featured by the press in a variety of formats. Here are some of the articles and appearances

HRD Article June 2020

Named one of the UK’s top business mentors that you need to succeed, July 2020

“Jude has one of the most unique corporate leadership methods in the U.K. With her gorgeous horses that she calls her ‘business colleagues’, Jude helps corporate executives to effectively lead their teams to success. Jude has so much passion for what she does and has a nature as beautiful, warm and powerful as her graceful colleagues.”

HRD Article June 2020

HR Director article on Vitality trumps resilience, June 2020

“Resilience training, however well-meaning, often creates the expectation that employees should dig deeper whilst simultaneously being put under more pressure. This is not sustainable or reasonable.

We need to start focusing on vitality.”

Medium article May 2020

Medium interview on my book, May 2020

“You have a business that’s fundamentally experiential, working with teams with your horses to help them embody leadership: how have you been able to adapt that model in the current crisis?”

HR Director article

HR Director article on 8 Leadership skills in uncertainty, April 2020

Disruptive change creates uncertainty and we resist it because it is uncomfortable. Uncertainty generates a range of emotions, polarises opinions and can lead to relationships breaking down. It requires great skill and flexibility to lead through uncertainty.

Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, April 2020

The following skills are critical for leading a team through uncertainty but are the skills most often overlooked in the stress of disruptive change.

Birmingham Updates, April 2020

“The story of how one Warwickshire business pivoted from providing experiential learning with a herd of horses to an online masterclass is an inspiring example of how businesses are adapting at lightning speed to the challenge of the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Financial Management magazine, Feb 2019

Oliver Rowe, Senior editor, wrote:

“The work in Jennison’s Leadership With Horses course is about bringing out strengths and using them to overcome people’s vulnerabilities. There are also common themes: self-confidence, presence, clarity, teamwork, and alignment.”

CMI Professional Manager magazine, Oct 2018

Ann Kelly wrote:

“The stories of the relationships that develop are fascinating. If you only read one management book in the near future, let this one be it”

HR Director magazine, Jul 2018

Jim Kennedy reviewed my book Leading through uncertainty:

“It’s very convincing. Her style is straightforward, uncomplicated, gentle yet assertive. She generously shares her insights; … her book adds weight to the argument for a different approach to leadership development based on embodied experience.”

Training Zone article, Jul 2018

Training Zone invited me to write about Leading through uncertainty, explaining:

Not all learning has to be done in a classroom – sometimes the best way for employees to learn new skills is by being exposed to new experiences.

Bristol Post, Apr 2018

Chris Thurling, Chair of Bristol Media and Executive Chair of Armadillo CRM explained his experience of working with us:

“Traditional learning methods don’t always work. 

There was no better way to re-examine and refresh my practices than in the company of these sentsitive and intuitive animals.”

Daily Telegraph, Mar 2018

From learning an instrument to training a horse, business owners share the exercises that have helped them to build a more cohesive team.

James Ray, CEO of Armadillo shared his experience

Radio 4, You and Yours, Jan 2017

I was interviewed on BBC Radio You and yours about running a small business and the challenges of Brexit, as well as a live recorded session with the interviewer working with the horses and explaining his experience

BBC2, Victoria Live, Nov 2016

I was interviewed on a panel of small business owneers on BBC2’s Victoria Derbyshire programme about the impact of the autumn budget statement on small businesses and the challenges of Brexit.

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