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Leadership expert, Inspirational speaker, Thought leader, Author

I help senior leaders and executive teams lead through uncertainty

For the last ten years, I have lived and breathed uncertainty. Possibly longer.

I have experienced it both personally and professionally, written about it in books and articles, interviewed executives and talked about it in my podcast, recorded videos and delivered masterclasses and keynote speeches on the topic.

I know the challenge of craving certainty.

I understand the anxiety of not knowing what will happen next and the grounded leadership skills that enable us to navigate it more easily.

I’ve never shied away from a challenge, but sometimes wished I’d played it more safe when it got tough. But only until I achieved and came out the other side. Then I know the joy of accomplishment, the satisfaction of a job well done under sometimes extreme circumstances and the learning that we always get from the hindsight of facing a challenge head on.

I help executives teams align around their strategic objectives.

I facilitate leaders and teams in their exploration of leadership, teamwork and specifically their non-verbal behaviour. We always explore uncertainty and the challenge of leading out of your comfort zone.

I combine experiential learning with horses, team coaching, executive coaching and facilitation.

I’ve written books, including the book on Leading through uncertainty, and I’m an international speaker and Horse Assisted Educator with a 17 year senior leadership career in IBM, where I managed a budget of $1billion and led UK, European and global teams.

I have massive range. I’ll challenge you fiercely when you play small and hold you gently when you are struggling. I know when to blend the two and when to switch. Mostly, because I’m human too and how you will respond is, well, frankly, uncertain.

I’m most often described as courageous, inspiring and challenging.


Author of the book
Leading through uncertainty

Business Experience

Jude’s extensive background in the business world provides her clients with a solid foundation for learning, where every thing they learn is mapped back to real life situations and practical applications.

Her experience as a former senior leader in IBM includes managing a budget of > $1 billion, reducing it by 25%, implementing a European Skills Strategy for 28,000 employees, Communications Partner for the General Manager of Services and Outsourcing Service Manager for a range of clients in diverse business sectors.

Jude lives and breathes uncertainty and challenges her own status quo in service of her clients.  She has a passion for creating peace and believes that it starts with each of us finding our own inner peace so that we can live and work in harmony with others.

Jude shares real life leadership stories to encourage senior leaders and executives to lead more courageously and make a conscious difference in business and society.

Background to working with horses 

Jude has a chequered history with horses and it is somewhat of a surprise to her that she now works with them.

In March 2011, Jude overcame her fear of horses and learned so much about her own personal styles of leadership that she trained extensively in Equine Facilitated Leadership, a way of working with horses to explore leadership, teamwork and communication styles. She achieved a European accreditation by July 2011.

In the first 5 minutes of working with horses, Jude reframed her fear to mutual respect when she realised that she was not meant to be frightened of horses but that she should respect them.

In doing so, she asked herself the question: How do I stay in relationship with someone or something  (in this case a horse) who intimidates me?

She realised that the answer lay in holding respect for the other party and their opinions as well as respect for herself and her own opinions. This requires courage, trust, curiosity, vulnerability and humility to stay open and flexible in relationships where there are differences of opinion. And so her experience of understanding how to lead through uncertainty began.

In December 2011, knowing nothing about horses, Jude bought her first horse and began workshops immediately. She now owns 4 horses and works with leaders and teams from all over the world at her stables in Warwickshire.

A pioneer of this work, Jude is highly regarded in her profession and speaks regularly about this work and her personal experiences, including at international conferences.

Above all, Jude is an astute business woman who believes business can be a force for good in the world when we make decisions consciously and act with awareness of our impact. 

Qualifications and accreditation

Jude is a Certified Professional Co-active Coach through the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), graduate of the prestigious CTI Leadership programme, HorseDream Partner, qualified member of the EAHAE and graduate of the HERD Institute.

Jude is the former President of the Leamington Spa Association of Speakers Clubs.

Jude and her associates abide by the ICF code of ethics for coaching and the EAHAE and HERD Institute codes of ethics for Equine Facilitated Learning.

Call Jude today on 0800 170 1810 to discuss how she can support your leadership and business

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Accreditations and qualifications

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