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I’m on a mission to make the world a better place

Hi, I’m Jude Jennison

I’ve developed over 4000 leaders and teams through disruptive change and uncertainty.

I believe work should be life-enhancing for all and that business can resolve all of the world’s problems.

It starts with leaders and teams having the skills to work in harmony with themselves and each other so they can collaborate together to do great things.

I work experientially with a herd of horses who reveal your default patterns of leadership behaviour. 

I’m an author, speaker, podcast host and founder of a startup called Ask Opus which is a leadership coaching app designed to solve your leadership issues.

I recently purchased an equestrian centre in Staffordshire where I run leadership and coaching retreats, as well as leadership, team development and executive coaching – all with the aid of my herd of horses.

Bestselling author 

‘Leading through uncertainty’ and

‘Opus: The hidden dynamics of team performance’

My business experience

I’ve led teams for over three decades, in the UK, Europe and worldwide.

As a former senior leader in IBM, I led a budget of $1billion and reduced it by 25% over two years, and implemented a skills strategy for 28,000 employees across Europe.

I’ve run my business for over a decade, providing leadership and team development to senior leaders and executive teams.

I’m fascinated by what makes work easy and why working in a team can be a source of both joy and frustration.

I’ve learned the most about leadership from working experientially with a herd of horses who reveal your default patterns of non-verbal (often unconscious) behaviour.

Book cover for the book OPUS

My background to working with horses 

I rode for 6 months as a child and never liked it. In hindsight, I realise there was too much instruction to kick and pull. It never felt respectful and there was no relationship.

I gave up and never rode again until I was 30. I had six riding lessons and on the sixth lesson, I fell off and broke 9 ribs, my shoulder blade in three places and my lung collapsed. It took two years before I could work full time again. It was one of the most frustrating times in my life.

I never rode again but I had two further incidents around horses causing me to be terrified of them.

In March 2011, I overcame my fear of horses and learned so much about my leadership that I trained extensively in Equine Facilitated Leadership, a way of working with horses to explore leadership, teamwork and communication styles.

In the first 5 minutes of working with horses, I reframed my fear to mutual respect.

In doing so, I asked myself the question: How do I stay in relationship with someone or something  (in this case a horse) who intimidates me?

I realised that the answer lay in holding respect for the other party and their opinions as well as respect for myself and my opinions. This requires courage, trust, curiosity, vulnerability and humility to stay open and flexible in relationships where there are differences of opinion. And so my experience of understanding how to lead through uncertainty began.

In December 2011, knowing nothing about horses, I bought my first horse and began workshops immediately. I now own 4 horses and work with leaders and teams from all over the world at my stables in Staffordshire.

12 years on, I still consider myself a novice with horses but I continually stretch as a leader to work in harmony with them, always seeking to have a relationship based on trust and respect.

I’ve owned eight horses and each one has expanded my heart and my leadership in different ways.

One of the most profound moments of my life was when my 31 year old horse surrendered to trusting me fully as he was put to sleep.

Qualifications and accreditation

I’m a lifelong learner, often learning experientially but always backing it up through reading and training.  

I’m a Certified Professional Co-active Coach through the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), graduate of the prestigious CTI Leadership programme, HorseDream Partner, qualified member of the EAHAE and graduate of the HERD Institute.

I’m the former President of the Leamington Spa Association of Speakers Clubs.

I abide by the ICF code of ethics for coaching and the EAHAE and HERD Institute codes of ethics for Equine Facilitated Learning.

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