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Are you leading through uncertainty?


Business is undergoing a period of unprecedented uncertainty

Organisations want results, agility, resilience

People want more time, purpose and meaning, greater connection and community and less stress

How do you balance the two agendas?

Leadership with Horses helps you integrate your heart, body and mind for a fully embodied approach to leadership

“Working with the horses was amazing and impactful for our team in so many ways. We unlocked a confidence that we all feel every day.” Fiona Morris

EMEA HR Lead, Cargill Meats

Leadership solutions

How do you lead through uncertainty and create human connection in a high performance culture?

We align executive boards, develop high-performing teams, enhance women’s leadership, improve wellbeing and create clarity and purpose through executive coaching and leadership programmes

“Jude is the secret weapon called upon by major global brands to help them address hidden leadership issues that are limiting vision, stifling productivity, and damaging trust and team effectiveness.”

“I am now more interested in achieving collective results rather than individual success. I have more empathy now, not only with the rest of the team but with others in general.” Jorge Ribeiro

Head of IT Infrastructure, Telefonica

Inspirational speaker

Jude inspires behavioural change in her talks

Jude Jennison shares stories of life and leadership and how it was only when she overcame her fear of horses that her leadership developed in earnest

Audiences are regularly moved and inspired to make change in their leadership behaviours


Leadership books and white papers

Jude Jennison is author of the books 

Leadership Beyond Measure and Leading Through Uncertainty

She has also written several white papers on leadership that are available for download

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